haulage in France

Brexit Delay: What it Means for Haulage & Freight Industry

With MPs in deadlock, the EU and the UK have agreed a further Brexit delay until 31 October. The ongoing process of leaving the EU has not brought much in the way of good news, but this delay could be a positive sign for many British businesses – including hauliers and freight service providers. Although […]

guide to road haulage vehicles

Guide to Road Haulage Vehicles

When it comes to haulage, it’s essential to use a lorry or trailer that’s suitable for the job. But with a wide variety of types available, it’s not always easy to know which is most likely to meet your requirements. This handy guide to road haulage vehicles gives you a rundown of the most common […]

European Lorry Driving on the Right Side of the Road

Overcoming the European Driver Shortages

Serious concerns have been raised about driver shortages affecting European road haulage firms. Supply chain analyst Transport Intelligence has sounded the alarm, asserting that there are currently some 150,000 vacant jobs for drivers, and predicting that this figure could rise by as many as an additional 28,000 per year. That means lorries standing idle and […]

budgets for UK haulage

Fewer potholes – but will the Budget help the haulage industry?

The Budget announcement represents one of the most important times of the year for business owners, impacting investment and infrastructure in major ways – and the Chancellor’s recent announcement included a number of proposals that will affect the haulage industry. Looking back to 2017, we saw a number of changes that worked in the haulage […]