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Full customs declarations and controls have been introduced as of 1 January 2022, as previously announced, although safety and security declarations will now not be required until 01 July 2022. Pre-notification requirements of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) goods, which were due to be introduced on 01 October 2021, are now in force.

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From 01 July 2022 –  certification and physical checks will be introduced for:

All remaining regulated animal by-products.
All regulated plants and plant products
All meat and meat products.
All remaining high-risk food not of animal origin.

From 01 September 2022 – certification and physical checks will be introduced for all dairy products.

From 01 November 2022 – certification and physical checks will be introduced for all remaining regulated products of animal origin, including composite products and fish products.

High-priority plants and plant products checks will transfer from place of destination to designated BCPs and control points from 01 July 2022.

VAT registered importers will be able to use postponed VAT accounting. They will not be compelled to do so unless they import non-controlled goods and either use Delayed Declarations, or use Simplified Customs Declarations for Imports and make an Entry in Declarants Records.

Traders using the legacy plant health systems (eDomero and PEACH) will be transitioned to IPAFFS and Plant Health Export Service (PHES) throughout 2021 and early 2022. Traders should continue to use the existing system until directed to register and use the new service.

A 360° Point to Point Service

What we offer in terms of customs navigation is a complete point to point service for anyone importing goods into the United Kingdom. From the moment goods leave their point of origin, we’ll use our team of experts and experience to ensure smooth passage through customs and onto the UK mainland.

The assistance we provide can literally make the difference between successful delivery and goods being held up by red tape, with your company reputation being impacted. If anyone can get your goods where they need to be on time, it’s us.

Click here for our UK customs clearance guide
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The Waller Transport Team Will Get You There

It would be true to say that the new rules are complex, but whether talking about custom duty payments, customs broker procedures, or anything else relating to importing from the EU, you can rely on us to ensure the smooth passage of your goods into the UK.

So, if you’re having trouble understanding the new guidelines and are worried about remaining compliant and avoiding unnecessary delays, get in touch with the European team today by calling us on 03330 095277.

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