Right now, there are numerous pressures facing the transport logistics sector. The rising cost of fuel, the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, a driver shortage, complications within imports and exports, the list is endless. 

But here at Waller Transport Services, we think there are many untapped opportunities that businesses could (and should) lean into as you begin to focus on your 2024 strategic plans.  

We know you have two pressing priorities: 

  • Maximising efficiencies 
  • Minimising costs 


Everything we are doing for clients is about putting your priorities first.  

 The reason we are writing this is to share opportunities we see in the transport logistics sector in 2024.  


How Waller Transport Services can maximise your efficiencies in 2024 

One of the biggest headaches facing operations teams is the complexities of transport logistics. 

Moving goods around the UK can be complicated, even more so when you bring in European and Worldwide shipping. If your business is growing, and you’re getting started with haulage needs, it can be overwhelming trying to simultaneously manage hauliers, documentation, timescales, cost efficiencies and customer expectations.  

 We predict one of the biggest trends for 2024 will be the desire to outsource transport logistics needs to an external provider, such as Waller.  

 As an opportunity, outsourcing transport needs can quickly maximise your efficiencies, because you’ll be working directly with a team who understands how to ship your goods from A to B with minimal fuss.  

“Outsourcing our transport management to Waller has reduced my haulage costs by 30% and has enabled me to invest more in sales and marketing.”  

Managing Director – Stone Importer 

Outsourcing transport logistics = flexible options 

The good news is there are multiple options you can choose when it comes to transport logistics, from 3PL to 5PL solutions. You can choose to be as involved, or as hands-off as you like – perhaps you need additional help to cope with seasonal demand, or simply to cover a staff member who may be on annual leave. By outsourcing transport logistics, you will have peace of mind there will always be the resources and expertise needed to lean on for every single shipment.  


Enjoy streamlined processes from start-to-finish 

If you’re shipping goods across the UK (or further afield) you need to have streamlined processes in place that allow seamless communication between drivers and your wider supply chain. For smaller companies, this can be complex and costly to implement. But the growing use of state-of-the-art technology (which is routinely used here at Waller) means you can simplify each shipment, and benefit from real-time tracking.  

This is a huge opportunity for businesses in 2024 because using the latest technology will help to identify and minimise any potential bottlenecks and improve communication across stakeholders. When used correctly, tech should enable faster, more efficient deliveries and reduced lead times. 

Could outsourcing give you adaptability to market changes? 

We know the last few years have seen frequent market changes across the entire transport logistics sector. The impact of the pandemic, Brexit, the Ukraine war, the situation in the Middle East and rising fuel costs are causing havoc for smaller businesses who may not be able to adapt as quickly as the market.  


We know outsourcing logistics helps operationally, because we have the agility and flexibility to respond to changing marketing conditions and ever-evolving regulations. With our help and support, you can adapt swiftly to changes, mitigating risks and staying ahead of the competition. 


How Waller Transport Services can minimise costs in 2024 

Now we know outsourcing transport logistics can provide operational efficiencies, what about cost savings and budgetary needs?  

 Surely outsourcing will be more costly in the long run?  

That’s where you may be surprised.  

 One of the primary drivers behind the surge in outsourcing is the potential for significant cost savings. For many retailers and manufacturers evaluating budgets for 2024, the shift from maintaining an internal logistics team to engaging Waller can result in substantial financial advantages. 

 How so? 


Benefit from economies of scale 

A huge advantage (and opportunity) when working with an external transport logistics team is being able to make of the most of economies of scale. By consolidating resources and expertise, it’s possible to find substantial cost efficiencies that might be challenging for an individual company to achieve internally.   

For example, we often recommend part-load options, or longer lead-times on non-pressing shipments to help clients cut costs and save money. For individual businesses, these can be lengthy and time-consuming to manage independently, but our extensive partnership approach allows us to manage this seamlessly.   

We predict as budgets become much tighter, the transport logistics sector will rely heavily on part-load shipments and longer lead times in 2024.  


We offer reduced infrastructure costs 

Running an internal logistics team is expensive as it means investing in long-term transport infrastructure. This includes warehouses, fleets, and distribution centres.   

But with an external team, there are none of those costs, as you’ll only be paying for each individual shipment. If business is heavily impacted by seasonal demand, you can minimise your costs during quieter periods.   

We see this as a huge opportunity for retailers and manufacturers, because outsourcing transport logistics offers flexibility to scale your business up or down, to match customer demand.  


Reducing internal staff costs 

By outsourcing logistics services, companies can avoid the costs associated with hiring, training, and retaining an in-house logistics team. Outsourcing to an external team who can take over these responsibilities, means you focus on core competencies. 

 The cost savings of outsourcing to a specialist team is better for the bottom line and provides the flexibility and financing capability to invest in new growth areas, potentially expanding the business.  


Outsourcing transport logistics could be your biggest opportunity in 2024 


 As you prepare for 2024, taking a strategic decision to outsource transport logistics to Waller could be a huge opportunity for you to enhance efficiency and maximise cost savings.  

 By leveraging our expertise, economies of scale, and specialised services we can help you meet the challenges of the modern logistics landscape while also positioning yourself for sustained success in a competitive market.  


To find out more about how we can enhance your 2024 strategic plans, please phone us on 01473 254 717.