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Out of Gauge Transport

Through our strong relationships with hauliers in the UK and Europe, we have access to vehicles that are capable of transporting any out of gauge cargo.

Out of Gauge Cargo

Out of gauge cargo presents a different challenge to containerised loads, but with an extensive network of hauliers and vehicles at our disposal, it is something we are more than able to assist with at Waller Transport. Whatever the nature and dimensions of your out of gauge load, our experienced team can help find the appropriate solution to get it moved anywhere in the UK or Europe.

In most cases, out of gauge cargo doesn’t tend to fit inside a standard container. This means it usually requires a specialist vehicle that is able to accommodate both the weight and size of the load. Alternatively, specialist equipment may be needed to carry loads that exceed standard weight allowances.

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A Reliable Out of Gauge Service

At Waller Transport, we have access to a wide array of vehicles and equipment that are specially designed for the transport of out of gauge loads. These include, but are not limited to:

Open Top Containers – Ideal for the transport of cargo that exceeds the height allowances of a standard container, Waller can source 20’, 40’ and 40’ high cube open top containers for the transport any out of gauge cargo. 

Flat Rack Containers – With an open top and sides, flat rack containers can accommodate loads that are too wide for a standard container. At Waller, we can offer 40’ flat racks and heavy-duty 40’ high cube flat racks. 

Flatbed Trailers – Open on all sides, flatbed trailers are the perfect solution for goods that are able to withstand the weather, including building materials and any other cargo that needs to be lifted off with a crane.

Low Loaders – Commonly used to transport large and heavy machinery such as cranes, bulldozers or industrial equipment, low loader trailers can also reduce the overall height of vehicles, which may be necessary on routes with height restrictions. 

Hiab Trucks Equipped with a crane that can pick up heavy and abnormal loads from alongside the trailer, Hiab trucks are often used to transport heavy loads of raw materials that need to be kept stable during transit.

Moving out of gauge loads across Europe

Through our European haulage and multimodal logistics services, we are able to transport out of gauge loads to and from anywhere in Europe. Our strong relationship with a number of air carriers also gives us access to various types of cargo aircraft, allowing us to arrange air transport to any part of the world.  

Because we track every single load using sophisticated GPS technology, you can rest assured your cargo will be in safe hands with Waller Transport. Please get in touch with us today to discuss your out of gauge needs.

Out of Gauge Transport

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