Businesses today are running on tighter margins than ever before. You’re coping with the growing pressures of ever-changing fuel costs. You’re dealing with fluctuating customer demand for goods and services while also prioritising different societal pressures.  

All of this means you need to regularly review your processes to maintain profitability. 

At Waller Transport Services, one of the many reasons we stand out from the crowd is that we never rely on the ways things have always been done. We consistently review our transport logistics for each and every shipment. This allows us to continually deliver the most affordable pricing or the fastest delivery times based on your individual needs.  

However, it genuinely surprises us when businesses tell us they’ve not reviewed their transport logistics plans in years. They may be happy with the service they are receiving, but failing to review your transport logistics plans could be essential to your bottom line.  

Just like your business evolves, so too should your approach to shipping. Here’s why regularly reviewing your transport logistics is crucial.  


Catering to Different Needs: Europe vs. Worldwide 

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to transport logistics.  

Shipping within Europe presents a different set of challenges than global deliveries – particularly now we are in a post-Brexit world. 

One of our recommendations when reviewing your transport logistics strategies is to consider the overall destination and any onward journeys. If you’re importing or exporting your shipments across Europe, you may find a robust network of roads or rail freight may be easily accessible. It may also be highly efficient. In these circumstances, freight forwarding can be much easier.  

However, for worldwide shipments, you may need to prioritise other factors such as overall distance, language barriers or delivery timescales. You may need additional paperwork to manage customs regulations, or you may need to think about whether full or part-loads can make your shipment more cost-effective.  

A thorough review allows you to tailor your plans for each region, ensuring optimal delivery times and costs. 


Speed vs. Cost: Finding the Right Balance 

When you’re reviewing your transport logistics plans, you need to balance out the issues arising from cost vs speed.  

It may be tempting to choose the same transportation method each and every time, especially if it is proven to work. But that could be detrimental to your bottom line.  

As part of your review, you need to weigh up whether you can make minor tweaks to each shipment. For example, if you have a planned delivery but your timescales are more flexible (even by a day or two), choosing a longer transportation method may be more cost-effective.  

It’s about exploring the specifics of each shipment.  

Let’s imagine you’re a retailer – your fresh food items will always need rapid timescales to prevent perishable items from deteriorating. In this case, you may need to rely on air-freight solutions or other fast deliveries. But other goods (perhaps seasonal items) may have more flexibility. You could choose to invest in sea freight shipments as a long-term strategy because the longer lead times might allow you to reduce your costs.  

Here at Waller, we always take a holistic approach to our transport logistics. Making small changes in some areas may allow you to invest in other solutions elsewhere. You could be surprised how much of a difference this may make to your overall budget.  


Bringing in the latest technology 

Did you know transport logistics can benefit from the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning? 

Driverless vehicles may still be a long way off (or are they?). However, you can still benefit from the latest tech, which will seamlessly integrate into your wider supply chains. From real-time delivery updates to temperature checks and seamless communication, your transportation logistics review isn’t just about getting goods from A to B.  

It’s about finding those unique ways of working more effectively. 

Within your transport logistics plans, you need to look at the different stakeholders involved and find ways to streamline your communication and strengthen your relationships. By working through the latest technology, you may be improving your customer service or aiding your reputation.  


What about societal pressures? 

Another key factor to consider is whether your current transport logistics plans are adhering to your wider business strategy. Perhaps you’re working towards B Corps certification, or you need to prioritise sustainable transportation as part of your ESG reporting. You may be responding to consumer demand for better environmental policies.  

We continually challenge our clients to think about whether their preferred transportation methods align with their wider business goals and mission statement. We’re working hard to prioritise sustainable transport, and we’re always searching for the greenest possible solution.  

For example, we might suggest options such as part-loads to lower your carbon footprint, or we may see if we can prioritise rail freight or search for hauliers with electric lorries to reduce your emissions. Where possible, we can even create combination strategies using multi-modal freight-forwarding solutions that will actively improve your environmental credentials.  

By considering what’s important to your business, as well as the expectations of your customers, we can create innovative transportation solutions that match the societal governance of your business as well as your profit margins.  


It’s time to take control. Schedule a logistics review today 

Don’t let your transport logistics become an afterthought. 

Regular reviews don’t need to be lengthy or time-consuming. With our help, we can double-check your transport logistics strategies are optimised with the latest technology, they align with your environmental goals, and they balance speed with affordability.  

We like to review each individual shipment to ensure you’re getting the best value for money. But we also want to periodically check your transportation needs are still matching your wider business priorities.  

To schedule a transport logistics review with one of our experienced team, please give us a call.  

Together, we’ll identify how to get your products where they need to be, when they need to be there, without breaking the bank or harming the planet.