Ipswich & Felixstowe Haulage

The headquarters of our UK operations, Ipswich is where a number of our longest-serving staff are situated. Waller Transport was first located in nearby Colchester, before port operations began to slow down in the Essex town and the company made the move to Ipswich.

Now located a stone’s throw from the Ipswich waterfront, the current Waller office primarily co-ordinates significant volumes of freight out of the nearby Port of Felixstowe. Recognised as Britain’s biggest and busiest container port, Felixstowe welcomes in excess of 3,000 container vessels to its shores every year. In addition, the Ipswich office maintains strong links with other ports in the east of England such as Harwich, Great Yarmouth, Tilbury and Wisbech.

With our 40+ years of experience working in the region, the team at Waller have a vast array of contacts with links to Felixstowe and East Anglia as a whole. As such we are perfectly placed to assist with any haulage or logistics challenges you may be facing – whether you are a haulier in search of additional loads or a supplier looking for the most efficient way to transport your goods.