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Worldwide Freight Services

Whether you are an international corporation, a European distributor or a UK business, we offer a fully managed solution for all your global shipping needs. We transport goods anywhere in the world quickly and easily.

Flexible international freight services

We know that when it comes to international shipping, you want a service that gets your goods from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We want that too.

Even though global freight services are likely to involve intensive customs clearance services, differing laws and multiple language barriers, that doesn’t mean they should be challenging or stressful.

With our support, we can take care of the whole process. With a wide range of 3PL, 4PL and 5PL shipping options, we can give you the knowledge and expertise you need to get your cargo where it needs to go.

We offer a wide range of shipping solutions, including air cargo, sea freight and road freight. With our multimodal freight logistics, we can handle all of your import and export needs.

Because of this flexibility, we can focus on each individual shipment. We know every consignment create different time and money constraints. If you’re looking for something fast-paced, we can create rapid dispatch solutions that prioritise speed and efficiency. But if you have more time, we can offer longer transportation services which may be more cost-effective.

We want you to have flexible freight services and give you what you need, not just what has always been done.

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Express Haulage Services

Maximum global reach with minimum fuss

Our freight forwarding services allow us to offer custom transportation and logistics solutions anywhere in the world.

We promise affordable shipping options to the following areas:

  • Africa
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Australia / New Zealand
  • Europe
  • Middle East
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Why choose Waller Transport to handle the complexities of your global freight cargo?

Businesses choose to work with us over and over again for many different reasons.

We know how hard it is to find global freight services you can trust. Rather than looking at each individual part of your shipping needs, we focus on giving you a full-circle service that looks holistically at your transport logistics.

You deserve to work with a freight forwarding team you can rely on.

A team that will keep you in the loop from the beginning to the end and has a track record of making your transportation and logistics processes as easy as possible.

At Waller, we want you to save time and money. To do that, you need to have the right processes in place.

We promise to help you ship your goods anywhere in the world quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

  • Digital connections at all of the UK’s biggest ports and airports. In particular, we have close proximity to the Port of Felixstowe.
  • We are close to the UK’s main transportation hubs, with offices in Ipswich, Hull, Liverpool, and Scotland.
  • We can move any type of cargo, including pallets, temperature-controlled goods, dangerous materials, or abnormal loads.
  • Use the latest GPS tracking technology to keep track of all your deliveries.
  • Constant communication to let you know how things are going with your haulage loads.
  • Manage customs clearance of restricted or hazardous goods
  • Send customs declarations and take care of all paperwork.
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Transportation to fit your needs

Here at Waller Transport, we facilitate international shipping for customers worldwide.

We do more than just transport goods from one country to another. We know exactly how to get your cargo where it needs to go and how to handle the increasing complexities of imports and exports.

Our relationships with freight suppliers around the world give us the flexibility to meet your exact requirements. We have access to a wide range of trucks and lorries and can select the right transport solution for your cargo.

  • Access to temperature-controlled vehicles, which are ideal for shipping food, drinks or pharmaceutical goods
  • A range of transport options for abnormal loads or hazardous cargo
  • A choice of FCL (Full container load) or LCL (Less than container load), or RORO (Roll on Roll off)

Our team of haulage experts is here to help, whether you’re looking for a one-time international shipment or a long-term partnership to help you deal with seasonal fluctuations.

We won’t assume you know what kind of shipping solution you need. We’ll discuss your options each time and let you choose what’s best for your business.

That’s why we’re the right people to deliver.

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One stop multi-modal partner
Covering land, sea and air logistics
Established haulage partnerships and networks across Europe
Access to a wide variety of vehicle types
Hassle free, UK-based service

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Our Services

What can we do for you?

You deserve to work with a transport logistics firm that will always put you first, prioritising customer service and transport efficiencies. We pay special attention to each shipment and make sure it is planned, managed, and tracked. Freight deliveries in the UK, across Europe, or worldwide are handled with care, accuracy, and speed.

  • Access to a fleet of more than 50,000 vehicles
  • Domestic and international freight and haulage needs from start to finish.
  • Review internal processes and make them more efficient.
  • Handle paperwork and documentation
  • Manage customs clearances
  • Full multimodal logistics

As a single point of contact across your wider supply chain, we break down language barriers and offer a single payment method (GDP) – making your UK and international freight needs more manageable than ever.

Express Haulage Services

Worldwide Freight Services

We offer an efficient logistics service for customers transporting loads worldwide.
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European Haulage & Freight Services

We offer an efficient logistics service for customers transporting loads to and from mainland Europe.
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Haulage - Waller Transport Services

UK Road Haulage

The sheer size of our network means we have the capability to transport almost any type of cargo.
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Pallet Transport

Pallet Transport and Freight Distribution

Waller Transport has specialised in the transportation of palletised cargo for the best part of fifty years.
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Waller Express loads and Time Critial

Customs Services

Are you looking for a quick customs clearance quote to ship your goods internationally?
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Out of Gauge Cargo

Out of Gauge Transport

With access to a multitude of vehicles, Waller Transport is well-equipped to manage any out of gauge cargo.
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    Working with hauliers and supply chains worldwide, we understand the challenges that can arise when transporting cargo types for merchants, suppliers, importers and exporters. Everything we do is about anticipating problems, reducing hassle and making it easier for you to grow your business, domestically and internationally.