Return Loads UK

Managed Transport Solution

Waller Transport Services was founded in 1973 by our chairman Adam Waller. A lot has changed since then, but one thing that’s stood the test of time is our pioneering belief that the most efficient haulage service should be run on a return loads basis. Our forward-thinking approach revolutionised the way hauliers operate, resulting in a dedicated service that puts reliability, efficiency and the individual needs of our customers above all else. Our commitment to providing a simple, hassle-free haulage service remains one of our core principles. By utilising both legs of the journey and offering one-way haulage costs, our customers are able to benefit from a dynamic, cost-effective transport solution.

  • Full UK coverage
  • Dedicated vehicle tracking
  • Fast and efficient haulage service
  • Established 1974
  • Over 10,000 full loads delivered every year

So How Do We Do This?

Our road freight specialists will take the time to understand your specific business needs, and will use their knowledge, skills and experience to recommend the very best logistics solution. We’ll then match your load to one of the vehicles in our extensive UK network, ensuring a fast, safe and efficient service. Never lost for a lorry, we’re able to make collections and deliveries anytime, anywhere.

And for extra peace of mind, we’ll track your consignment throughout its journey to ensure it reaches its rightful destination – with regular updates, so you’ll know we’ve got you covered.

Our honesty, passion and attention to detail has enabled us to forge many long-lasting relationships over the years, with customers, partners and suppliers. As a family-run business, we understand the important role fairness and integrity play in creating a company people want to work with.

That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us Waller Transport Services.

With offices based around the UK’s transport links, we have offices in Ipswich (Port of Felixstowe), Hull, Liverpool and Scotland.

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Can’t find the Right Load for You?

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What is a return load?

Haulage can often involve one way journeys. When a driver has reached their destination and delivered the goods they are transporting, there is nothing to bring back to base but an empty vehicle.

“Return loads” is the term given to using return journeys to carry cargo for another haulage job, as opposed to the above scenario.

What are the benefits of return loads?

For your business: Return loads come at competitive rates. If a return load is available, it will often be more cost efficient than hiring a haulage company directly to transfer your goods.

For our business: Running costs of a large vehicle add up when you combine fuel, maintenance and labour. Therefore, it’s better for us when the vehicles we have out on the road are committed to a task as often as possible.

For the environment: Utilising return loads helps to reduce traffic on UK roads, emission & pollution, fuel consumption and has an overall positive impact on our carbon footprint.