There are many well documented similarities between successful athletes – whatever their chosen field – and successful businesses. Teamwork, leadership, ambition, determination, and a ton of hard work to name a few! 


Perhaps that’s why, at Waller Transport Services, we’re so keen to offer our support to local sport. Whoever you talk to in the company will have a favourite sport – for some it’s the classics such as rugby, football, and cricket, for others it’s jujitsu or training in the gym. Even if it’s simply watching the national bike race pass by the office, you can guarantee at some point during the day, sport will come up in conversation. 


Given our sporty nature, it’s no wonder we’re enthusiastic about funding local individuals and clubs. This is Waller! 


As part of our headline annual sponsorship of Sports Aid Eastern in Suffolk, we recently attended their fundraising lunch event. It was a joy to hear how our support is helping young gymnasts among others. Meeting Beth Tweddle (and winning the raffle!) also added to a very enjoyable time. Knowing our assistance has helped young people from Suffolk achieve their sporting goals is truly inspiring. 


In addition, we have also helped Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club, including replacing their batting nets. Supporting grass roots clubs is very important to us. We believe in giving children a place to experiment with sport, to learn valuable life lessons, such as teamwork and dedication. It’s also a great place for the local community to come together and enjoy each other’s company. 


Sponsoring an event or a club may help to get our name out there in the local community, but for us, the most important aspect is knowing we’re helping to build the core values of enthusiasm, curiosity, and tenacity within anyone taking part in sport. All three are invaluable in our industry and are cherished within our organisation. 


For more information about how we support local good causes, please follow our social pages.