It has felt at times over the past few years that the logistics sector has been plagued with bad news; from driver shortages to hauliers going bust and Brexit uncertainty to emissions taxes. However, the last two years have been successful for Waller Transport and it now seems that in spite of the challenges, the industry as a whole has continued to grow.

Data suggests upsurge, not downturn

Despite much doom and gloom and reports to the contrary in the national media and industry publications, recent government data analysis conducted by Love Energy Savings has shown that the transport and storage sector grew by 17% between 2016 and 2018.

While there have inevitably been both winners and losers during that period, at Waller Transport we have seen at first hand the growth that is possible by deploying a flexible and pragmatic approach to logistics. Companies that have embraced technology and looked for ways in which to develop their offering have tended to thrive, while also providing a platform for a new generation of logistics professionals.

Technology key to next wave of logistics professionals

The use of technology and automation in logistics is not necessarily a new principle, however the last decade has seen the importance of tracking, reporting and analysing transport methods increase substantially. Customers rightly expect to know where their cargo is at all times and logistics companies are seeking to reduce the vast amount of administrative paperwork that can be created by just a single load.

This shift to a more data-conscious approach makes the haulage and logistics sector more attractive to a new generation of professionals. The research by Love Energy Savings suggests this shift will see the pool of applicants for logistics roles increase, with IT and maths graduates seeing it as an opportunity to get stuck in to complex problem solving and planning. Great news for an industry that has often struggled for new blood.

Good news for the north west

One particular area of the country appears to be really excelling – the north west. Our Liverpool depot has gone from strength to strength in the last 18 months and this is reflective of the overall growth of the industry in the region, with 24% more transport businesses now operating in the north west than out of London.

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