When we first wrote about the opening of Liverpool’s brand new L2 terminal we were already excited about what it could mean for UK Logistics. Now, just over two months later, we’re delighted to hear that the port is indeed driving ahead for the industry.

Size Matters

From its location to its impressive size (big enough to contain four football stadiums), the team behind Liverpool2 is hoping to redress the imbalance currently felt by northern businesses who currently receive 50% of imports despite only 10% of deep sea containers coming in at northern ports.

Previously, the port could only receive around 5% of vessel types, but the new changes, including a 16.5 metre deep berthing point and five 92 metre high cranes, mean that L2 can now play host to 95% of vessels. That’s the difference between being only able to take ships with a maximum of 3000 containers to being able to take ships carrying up to 18,500 containers.

Pioneering Port Tech

It’s not just its size that makes the L2 terminal so impressive either; a whole host of pioneering technology is also making the port a desirable entry and exit point for both UK and international businesses.

These include a vehicle booking system to reduce traffic, biometric autogate technology, a bridge that automatically weighs all shipments, automated loading and unloading, anti-sway cranes, and a Port Community System that photographs all shipments and drivers, checks codes and seals, laser scans container contents, and allows customers to track their shipments.

It’s a skilful system that has cut drivers’ time in the port by nearly half, as well as ensuring that most drivers don’t even need to leave their seats.

Brexit Boost

As the PM announces a plan to drive ahead British industry, the arrival of the new terminal has undoubtedly come at a good time. Not only does it look likely to boost the logistics industry in general, it’s also a reassuring show of dynamism and competence at a time when Britain needs to look its most confident.

With new global trade deals set to enter negotiation post-Brexit, L2 is a good example of what we have to offer the logistics industry worldwide.

What Does L2 Mean to Waller Transport Services?

Having recently opened our new Liverpool office, L2 could not have come at a better time for us here at Waller Transport Services. The opening of our office at Liverpool’s state-of-the-art L2 terminal allows us to truly fulfil our customers’ needs as a nationwide business. We’re now strategically placed to take full advantage of both the UK’s busiest container port at Felixstowe and Liverpool’s new high capacity port servicing the north-west – providing the most efficient, convenient and cost-effective haulage and logistics service to our international customers.

We look forward to seeing what Liverpool’s L2 terminal will do for our business, as well as the UK economy as a whole, so watch this space for further info.

You can contact Chris, Karen and James in the Liverpool office on 0151 3636 717 or email the office on [email protected].

Our Liverpool address is:

Suite 15
Royal Seaforth Logistics Building
Seaforth Container Terminal
L21 1JR