Timber Haulage Services

Waller Transport Services

Finding the specialist vehicles to move large volumes of timber across the UK is a challenge when you don’t have the extensive network of contacts that we have cultivated at Waller Transport.

Transporting Timber across the UK

We are specialists in the haulage of timber, including roundwood, sawnwood, plywood, timber frames and co-products. We work with contracted partners to extend our service throughout the UK, taking the time and hassle out of independently sourcing transport for either ad hoc or recurring loads. We are experienced in transporting both treated and untreated timber products.

All our timber haulage partners are well established and our strong relationships mean we personally assure the quality, sustainability and reliability of our timber logistics solutions.

Timber Haulage from UK ports

While we operate throughout the UK, our Hull haulage depot have particularly strong relationships with the Humber Ports network. This includes the Port of Immingham that is one of the most prominent in Europe for the import and export of timber. We have provided timber haulage solutions to timber merchants across the country on both an ad hoc and long-term, planned basis for many decades.