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Port of Felixstowe Haulage & Logistics

Handling more than 4 million TEUs and welcoming 3,000 ships every year, the Port of Felixstowe, is the UK’s biggest and busiest container port. Established in 1875, it is located in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

The port plays a pivotal role in keeping the UK’s trade lines moving and the proximity of our Ipswich depot, our strong ties and 40+ years experience working with the port officials, allows us to efficiently coordinate exports and imports for our haulage customers.

Due to its unrivalled rail and road links connecting the port to distribution hubs around the UK, and since it is closer than any other port to the main European shipping lanes within the Hamburg – Le Havre range, as well as being closest to the Sunk Pilot Station, the Port of Felixstowe offers around 33 freight services to and from over 700 ports around the world.

Whatever your haulage needs, the Waller Transport team in nearby Ipswich are experienced in coordinating freight across the UK and ready to help with any logistics challenges you may be experiencing.

Services Handled At The Port:

  • Container Operations, Weighing & Services
  • Global Freight Forwarding
  • RO RO Operations
  • Port Centric Operations
  • Rail Services
  • Break-Bulk Consolidation
  • Examination Facilities
  • Optimised Transport Planning
  • Protection & Safety

Did you know?

The Port of Felixstowe itself actually contributes less than 1% of the total carbon embedded in goods through the supply chain – a 90% reduction in sulphur dioxide since 2009.

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