busy UK motorway

Should HGVs Use Bus Lanes to Aid Traffic Flow?

A recent proposal put forward by the Traffic Commissioner for Wales, Nick Jones, has suggested that allowing HGVs to use bus lanes could be vital to improving traffic flow across the country. But is the idea realistic or just a distracting way to paper over the growing cracks in UK infrastructure? Precedents Set Though it […]

Winter HGV Safety Tips – Learning from Storm Emma

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to be away on holiday or driving somewhere warm, it’s unlikely you’ll have missed the news about the recent winter weather bringing the UK to a standstill. During three days of Storm Emma alone, there were an estimated 8,260 road collisions, although statistics seem to be going up even without […]

Timber for transportation

What Impact will Increased Timber Export/Import Have on UK Ports?

With Brexit uncertainties bringing a certain amount of unpredictability for UK industry, it’s always heartening to receive some good news for once. That’s why we were pleased to hear recent reports of massive growth in the international timber trade. Sustainable and Renewable Heightened awareness of climate change and a growing fashion for ‘raw’ materials in […]

budgets for UK haulage

Autumn 2017 Budget: What Hauliers Need to Know

Like most businesses, we always keep an eye on the outcomes of a new budget, however this year we were particularly pleased to see some changes that sound particularly positive for the haulage industry. From a freeze on fuel duty to new plans to make UK freight more efficient and environmentally-friendly than ever before, here’s […]