Serious concerns have been raised about driver shortages affecting European road haulage firms. Supply chain analyst Transport Intelligence has sounded the alarm, asserting that there are currently some 150,000 vacant jobs for drivers, and predicting that this figure could rise by as many as an additional 28,000 per year. That means lorries standing idle and goods unable to be moved.

A report released in last November – European Road Freight Transport 2018 – stated that in the UK alone the driver shortage stands at 52,000. Germany is close behind, with a deficit of 45,000 truck drivers. A look at the figures quoted for Germany – 30,000 drivers leaving the profession each year set against a mere 2,000 gaining the relevant qualifications and joining – brings little comfort.

The potential light at the end of the tunnel is the influx of Eastern European truck drivers, something that is currently helping to ease the situation. However, this has been affected by recent business developments in an unexpected way.

Global manufacturing businesses are increasingly siting their factories in Central and Eastern Europe, in the very areas that more drivers might be expected to emerge from. However, people from those countries – according to interviews quoted in the report – would rather work in a factory than drive a truck.

Even if that were not the case, recruiting drivers from Eastern Europe to fill vacancies in the West is not a magic bullet; as the former chief executive of Freightex observed in response to the report, it simply moves the problem and creates gaps in the market in those countries, as well.

So, what can companies needing European transport for their goods do to make sure they aren’t left stranded?

A UK Company with European Expertise

Waller Transport has recognised the issues faced by UK companies that need access to haulage across Europe, and in response has launched a European road freight service.

The service offers a number of benefits, including providing access to haulage to and from Europe without the hassle of sourcing multiple hauliers to get the best rates. It also gives peace of mind, as companies taking advantage of the service will be dealing with a trusted and independent UK logistics partner that is fully compliant, accredited and insured.

This timely and much-needed provision is based on the same core values people have come to expect from a family company now in its fifth decade of operation – great communication, trust and competitive prices.

Partnering with an established UK logistics supplier helps absorb the challenges of sourcing haulage solutions into and out of Europe. Contact Waller Transport today to discuss how we can help with your European road haulage needs.