Here at Waller, we pride ourselves on our ability to transport anything and everything our clients ask us to but recently we’ve been reading about some unusual loads even we would have found challenging (not that we wouldn’t have got there in the end)! From space rockets to whole trains, here are some of the most unusual loads we’ve heard of.

Cider With Roadies

You can’t beat a chilled cider on a summer evening, so we would have loved to have seen the setup that transported two giant cider vats to the Bulmer’s factory back in 2009. A mammoth operation, the vats needed their own special route planned to avoid road bridges as well as advance teams tasked with removing tree branches and disconnecting power cables that obstructed the roads. Only able to travel at 10mph, this would have been a slow but impressive journey.

Gone With The Wind

Most people don’t think about how wind turbines get to their final resting places in fields and seas until they see one making it’s way home on a huge flatbed. The key to transporting these gigantic and incredibly long pieces of machinery is to break them down into pieces and move each separately but this is still no mean feat, with 100-foot lorries required just to carry a single blade.

Train Delays

We’re all used to being held up by train delays but motorists in Crystal Palace found themselves facing the same problem last year when a lorry carrying a whole train carriage got stuck at a junction. With such massive loads it can be a good idea to do a (literal) road test with an empty rig to make sure you’re not going to come into difficulty anywhere along your route.

Oil Bet That’s Not Easy

Oil rigs are some of the biggest and most complicated feats of engineering humans have ever made so it stands to reason that moving them requires transportation that is just as huge and complicated. Unbelievably, some of the world’s largest oil rig parts are often moved on wheels, requiring massive loading operations, the biggest cranes, and huge teams of specialist drivers.

Anything They Can Do, We Can Do Better

As we said, we’re not exactly strangers to demanding and unusual loads either! In our 43 year history we’ve transported canal boats, an armoured tank, a 30-tonne fire engine, an engine for a container ship, and frozen tonne blocks of bacon waste. We know we can transport anything, anywhere – and we’re always looking forward to the next challenge. If you have a challenge for us, get in touch and we’ll tell you how we can help!