After three years, a 5000-strong team, and a £400 million investment, the Peel Ports Group announced this autumn that its brand new Liverpool2 terminal was open for business.

Despite bad weather and difficult working conditions delaying the original expected opening date of December 2015 by nearly a year, Peel Ports say that international interest in the new terminal is peaking and that they expect to soon be one of the busiest in the UK.

The Royal Liver Building High and 3.7 Double Decker Buses Deep

Those are the pretty impressive-sounding stats behind the new deepwater container terminal at the Port of Liverpool. With an overall area the size of 14 Wembley pitches, a 16.5m berthing point (the height of nearly four double decker buses one on top of the other), and a ship-to-shore crane height to rival the Royal Liver building, the port is now capable of hosting the world’s biggest container ships; something which the Peel Group says will future-proof the development for many years to come.

The new addition has doubled the port’s container capacity, helping the Port of Liverpool to become not only one of the UK’s largest transatlantic ports but also one of the largest in Europe – not to mention the most advanced.

A More Competitive Route to International Markets

The Peel Ports Group are excited about what this means for imports and exports in the area. Not only will the new development open up both deep sea and short sea routes to the USA, Canada, Israel, Turkey and feeder services to India, Africa, and South America, but the opening has also brought logistics giants Maersk back to the area for the first time in 10 years.

It’s good news for importers too, as they will now have faster and cheaper access to markets in the north of the UK.

This is welcome news for us here at Waller Transport Services and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the area to see if there are any new opportunities we can capitalise on. We’re excited to see what could arise from this – for us, our hauliers and our customers – and what this impressive new terminal could do for our business.

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