At Waller Transport, we’ve been in the pallet delivery industry since 1966, with our founder Adam Waller starting the business when the world was very different. Since then, however, our haulage and freight forwarding services have stood the test of time, due in no small part to our pioneering of the return loads model.

When not just one leg of the journeys that lorries make is utilised to its fullest, but both, there’s a big saving in haulage costs, with customers benefiting from dynamic palletized delivery solutions that make businesses more competitive.

The Benefits of Employing the Return Loads Model

There are a number of significant benefits directly attributable to employing the return loads model when providing haulage services. They’re not just limited to the customer either, as delivery companies and the natural world also benefit from it, in the following ways:

  • Benefits For Your Business:

    When return loads are available from one of our many haulage partners across the UK, they come at competitive rates. This means bigger margins for your business and ultimately more profit.

  • Benefits for our Partner Haulage Companies:

    Our haulage partners are typically owner-drivers or haulage companies and when we match them up with return loads, they’re able to earn on both legs of any journeys they make.

  • Benefits for the Environment:

    When freight forwarding is conducted using the return loads model, it helps to reduce the amount of traffic on the UK’s roads. Also, fuel consumption is reduced, minimising the carbon footprint of the process.

All things considered, return loads can represent a hugely under-utilised resource, but it’s one we’re able to tap into, because of the unique way in which our partner network works. Keep reading to understand how we’re able to do what we do.

Pallet delivery and haulage services | Waller Transport : Pioneering the Return Loads Model

So, How Exactly Can We Offer This?

As we mentioned at the beginning, we’ve been in the industry for over 55 years now, so our experienced freight specialists know what they’re doing. They take the time to understand the needs of our customers, so that they’re able to recommend the best logistics solutions.

We have access to a vast network of vehicles across the UK, which we’re able to match up with both the scheduled and last-minute delivery jobs that come our way. This fast, efficient and safe service can often take care of the pallet deliveries that others can’t.

Haulage and freight forwarding - Waller Transport Services

Collections & Deliveries, Anywhere, Anytime

It’s very rare that we won’t have a lorry available, meaning that we can make deliveries and collections anywhere at any time, with all consignments tracked throughout their journeys. Customers get regular updates too, so you’ll never be ‘out of the loop’.

Essentially, we’re able to make the absolute most out of all of the available space across our network of haulage partners. Our network is highly efficient and we’ll always do our very best to ensure that as few lorries as possible have to make unladen trips.

Return Loads : A Win-Win Situation For Everyone

The great thing about running a highly-efficient return loads model is that everyone involved benefits. Customers get cheaper shipping and haulage companies get bigger margins to work with, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you’d like to know more about anything discussed here or to see our full range of haulage services, visit us today at Alternatively, to speak to a member of our friendly team, simply call us on 01473 254 717 and we’ll be more than happy to explore ways in which we can help you.