As 2021 comes to an end, the UK government set out a long-term timetable to introduce a raft of changes to the rules governing the control of goods that are imported to the UK from the European Union. Both businesses and hauliers have had to contend with many challenges across this year, as the UK has recovered after Coronavirus lockdowns.

The supply chain across Europe has been greatly impacted by the pandemic – something that’s been felt most acutely in the agriculture and food sectors. After listening to those wanting more time to adjust to these new conditions, rather than implementing all import changes now, the government has chosen to introduce them in stages.

As per the original plan, full import controls will be introduced on the 1st of January next year, however, security and safety declarations will now be held off until the 1st of July 2022. These now represent important dates for haulage companies operating between the UK and the European mainland.

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The Big Question Is – Are You Ready For The Changes?

The full details of the import controls haven’t yet been released, so things are still rather vague as a result, but it is important to ask yourself whether your business is ready or not. That said, we do know some things, with the following elements included as part of the changes.

Included are:

The Core Importing Model, which details factors like:

  • Customs declarations procedures
  • Customs approvals
  • Pre-lodgement models
  • Releasing uncleared goods inland
  • Safety & Security

Pre-notification requirements for Plants & Plant Products covering:

  • Border Control Posts (BCPs)
  • Animal Products (POAO, ABP and Germinal Products)
  • Live Animals
  • Live Aquatic Animals for Aquaculture & Ornamental Purposes,
  • Plant and Plant Products
  • Equine transport

This is just a small selection of the many elements being rolled out as part of these staged changes and it’s important that all UK businesses are fully prepared in time. The good news is that the Waller Transport team is here to make the job of navigating these new rules a whole lot easier for our customers and haulage partners.

Thanks to our presence at all the major UK haulage ports, our distribution centres and our experience of working with the biggest name in commerce, we’ve got you covered. Our team is closely monitoring all changes as they occur, so you can be sure that when the time comes, we’ll have the knowledge required to ensure you adhere to all the new guidelines

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Uniquely Placed to Navigate These Tricky Waters

To ensure a seamless experience, the team at Waller Transport have partnered with an expert customs agency to aid us with any questions you or our team may have during this time.

We are also ongoing intensive training throughout Waller to get to grips with the new restrictions and to position us as the experts within the industry, while these changes are coming into place.

So, if you need the help of an experienced haulage company to help you to remain compliant with new UK import rules, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. Waller Transport is uniquely placed to provide expert assistance during these turbulent times.

To find out more about Waller Transport and our nationwide haulier network, simply visit us online at Alternatively, call us on 01473 254 717 today and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.