Are you a haulage company or an owner operator in the United Kingdom? Then you’ll more than likely already know that your services are in high demand. The HGV driver shortage has really started to hit, with many pallets being held up and empty shelves appearing in supermarkets across the country.

We’ve been in the industry for over 55 years now and during that time we’ve seen a lot, so these challenges are nothing new to us. Our experience and expertise in the field mean that we’re able to build our customer base while delivering all year round, come what may to clients across the country – some of whom we’ve been working with since the 1980s!

So, in this new landscape where those with the skills to take advantage of the shortage get much greater choice about who they deliver pallets for, you might be wondering where to do just that. We’re here to tell you that forwarding freight with Waller Transport comes with a range of benefits.

Let’s take a look at just some of them…

A Family-Run Company That Cares

Waller is a family-run delivery company and every single haulage partner that comes on board is immediately considered as being part of that family. This means that we’ll always work hard to ensure that you are treated well and given exactly the kind of work you’re looking for.

As a nationally-operating freight forwarder, we’ve always got plenty of work to pass on to our partners and our ‘return-load’ approach means that you’ll almost never make a unladen journey that you’re not going to earn from. What’s more, we provide pay on delivery terms, meaning you get your money quickly!

Excellent Rates of Pay

As one of the UK’s leading delivery company operators, we offer the most competitive rates available to drivers. It’s just one of the reasons why our haulage partners tend to stay with us when they join our network. We’re in this together with you, so we’ll always do our damnedest to ensure that your relationship with us is mutually beneficial.

Make no mistake, every one of the haulage companies and owner drivers that partner with us could go elsewhere at any time, but they choose not to. Why? Our commitment to working tirelessly for your success and ours keeps drivers coming back to us time and time again, as our ‘family members’ get to feel like part of something much bigger.

Owner Driver HGV

Technology-Led Deliveries

Our ethos is one that centers around making things easier for our haulage partners when they deliver pallets. How do we do this? Well, we are always keen to adopt new technologies that not only make us work more transparently, but also more efficiently, evidenced by features like the Waller Traffic app.

Free to download, our app works on both Android and iOS devices and it provides total transparency during any journey. We provide you with jobs through the app too, with the capture of key milestones happening en route. Also allowing you to receive proof-of-delivery through a smartphone, it makes the whole process simple and easy to understand.

Joining the Waller Transport Family - Deliver Pallets

Want to Enjoy the Benefits of Being a Waller Partner?

So, if you feel like enjoying these many benefits and more, we’d absolutely love to hear from you. From moment one, we’ll endeavour to show you exactly why it is that working with us makes sense. Regardless of whether you’re a haulage company, HGV driver or someone with flatbed, skeleton trailer or Hiab driving skills, we encourage you to make contact.

To find out more about Waller Transport and how we work, all you need to do is visit us online at Alternatively, to get in touch with a member of our friendly team, call us on 01473 254 717 today. We very much look forward to taking your call.