At Waller Transport, we’re all about providing reliable haulage services across the UK at the most cost-effective prices. Today, we’re here to introduce a new service to our already extensive options that’s both greener and cheaper than road freight – rail!

It can’t have escaped your notice that petrol prices are going through the roof and we can tell you that traffic going into Dover can be a nightmare. The solution is rail, which offers savings that can be passed on to your customers while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Rail freight and haulage services | Waller Transport Services

So, What Kind of Savings Are On Offer?

The potential savings are significant at a time when margins are being stretched to the maximum. What kind of savings are we talking about? Well, let’s dive into that a little more and look at the cost-effective nature of rail, shall we?

So, depending on the size of the container, whether it’s empty, and how many trips are being made, the percentage savings are as follows:

One Way

Round Trip

Container Size


20 ft 




40 ft 18%36%


Thanks to our new rail partner, we now carry out rail movements from Southampton and Felixstowe (and hopefully London Gateway in the near future) to the Yorkshire area. This adds flexible, efficient solutions to our offering while reducing our carbon footprint by up to 68%.

Rail freight transport | Waller Transport Services

Leveraging the Huge Capacity of Rail

Rail freight is a real game-changer when it comes to capacity, as each train is able to carry up to 60 containers one-way, which accounts for 120 port shunts per service. We have the capacity to rail one way or offer round trips back to the ports, saving drivers so much time and fuel.

This allows our drivers to focus on delivering goods inland and by cutting out shunts to and from the port, a single driver can then cover up to 4-5 deliveries a day (traffic/turnaround/locations depending). Greener and cheaper, what’s not to love?

More Competitive Pricing

This new offering allows us to provide a much more competitive pricing structure for local areas in the North of England, as well as committing to more deliveries. Being able to avoid the effort and stress of trunking to the ports, our drivers save both time and precious fuel.

What’s more, an added benefit this presents is that we also gain access to short-term storage plans that are far cheaper than the ports. The exact price depends on volume and can be discussed in relation to the specifics of the job.

Striving to Offer More Efficient Haulage Services

At Waller Transport, we have always strived to offer the most efficient and cost-effective haulage services via our national network of partners. This new rail service adds an extra dimension to what we can achieve, with savings able to be passed on down the line.

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