At the beginning of 2017, following the successful expansion of Liverpool’s shipping capabilities through the long-awaited Liverpool2 container terminal, Waller Transport Services opened our Liverpool depot.

Situated right in the heart of the new logistics headquarters of the Seaforth Container Terminal, our newest office is going from strength to strength with the recent addition of two new staff members.

A Return to Liverpool Docks

For our depot manager Jeff Henry, his new role at the L2 Terminal offices is particularly poignant. Having worked on the Liverpool docks as a teenager before going on to establish a successful career in the haulage industry. Jeff has previously led several haulage companies in the north west region and was a natural choice for the role depot manager with his wealth of leadership experience, industry know-how and extensive array of contacts throughout the UK.

Joining him as a traffic operator at our offices within the Seaforth Container Terminal is James Russell, who also brings excellent local knowledge and contacts to the role. Having spent several years working in the region, co-ordinating haulage and logistics solutions, he is assisting Jeff and the rest of the team in providing the most efficient solutions for our customers in the region. Our offering is very much nationwide though and you can find out more about the Waller team here.

The Liverpool depot is a key area of focus for Waller Transport as our presence in the north west grows and while we already have access to over 50,000 vehicles across the UK we are always looking to strengthen our relationships with customers, hauliers and transport partners. If you are keen to find out more about working with Waller Transport, in particular our Liverpool team then get in touch today.